Proudly presents the
Safe Harbor Boys Home Redfish Roundup


How many people can fish on my boat?
​Well, that's between you, the authorities and the little max capacity sticker located somewhere on your vessel. But only registered anglers can bring in a fish. So, if you and your best buds want to all fish together, you can either agree to all fish under one entry, bring in one fish, and split expenses/winnings however you agree on, or each angler on the boat can register and bring in their own fish.

​If a lady registers as an angler and a lady angler, can she bring in two fish?
​No. She can only bring in one fish and it will be placed where it is most advantageous to her.  She will be eligible for both prize structures but will only be awarded one prize, the best one.

​What about lady anglers and junior anglers fishing with a registered angler?
​If your lady angler or junior angler is fishing under your registration as a $10 add on, their fish will count towards lady or junior prizes structure only.  To be eligible for the general prize structure they would have to register as an angler.